About the Game

A tower defense game that lets you pick a side to finally decide who wins the feud.

Hatfields VS. McCoys “Reboot the Feud” is a tower defense game that lets you pick a side to finally decide who wins the feud. Fight oncoming waves of the enemy clan with strategies to maximize combos and points as enemies attack your home and family. Your high score will be added to your side of the feud. See who is winning the feud at rebootthefeud.com/winning


Players choose a side and ward off oncoming waves of red or blue enemies that must be defeated with opposing colors. It is the ultimate strategy game of red versus blue.

Deploy defending units and change colors to adjust to the enemy’s units of red and blue attackers. Defeat a blue attacker with red defenders. Defeat a red attacker with blue defenders. Setup your defenders to maximize the damage in order to set off combos for big points.

Hatfield Clan Member
Hatfield Clan Member


Strategically place your family’s best guards, fighters, and gunmen to combat the other side by equipping them with power-ups, weapons, and defenses. Evolve your clan members over the course of the battle and amass points as you defeat the oncoming waves of red or blue attackers. Spend the points to upgrade your clan members and advance through the levels to maximize combos and points for your family.

Your highest score will be included in the feud’s overall score.

Fight at night as each new day brings resources and points in order to prepare for the nightly waged war across the river.

Place fences, potholes, color changers, and other helpers to slow down, alter, subdue and defeat the enemy attackers.

Defeat bosses at the end of levels to earn achievements and point multipliers.

Key features:

“Red vs. Blue strategy makes sure you never play the same game twice” “Discover strategies to defend your home to maximize your points”
"Start out the game with an avatar clan member than can be upgraded and evolved so you never start the game at the same level"


Comical tower defense side-scroller strategy game


Mobile (iOS and Android phone/tablet) Single Player

 Why a game based on the Hatfields and McCoys?

1.  Zombie Hatfields and McCoys!